Book Suggestions?

One of the most helpful ways for me to process and understand things is to read about others’ journeys– how they processed things, what they experienced and what they felt. I’m really bad at identifying and articulating how I’m feeling, so reading the words of others provides me with a gateway to understand my emotions. In addition, it provides me with the comfort of knowing that this is normal.

As such, I’m reading as many adoption memoirs and other literature that I can find. My book list can be found here, and as you can see, I’m quickly running out of books to read. Does anyone have anything to add to this list? Anything that has helped you?


2 thoughts on “Book Suggestions?

  1. I would say The Primal Wound and then Coming Home To Self (the followup book) by Nancy Newton Verrier…Of course – there are some who hate The Primal Wound but it validated so much of what I had felt throughout my life so that it was okay – normal.

    Being Adopted the Lifelong Search for Self on your list – is really good and you should bump it up on the priority list – good for anyone in adoption (and those who live with adoptees) – and explains the different stages we all seem to go through in one way or another.

  2. The Primal Wound is definitely one that I would recommend. Even though I haven’t had to process nearly as much as you, it did validate some of the issues I struggled with when I was younger.

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