“Adoption Gave Me a Chance at Life”

At the end of 2010 I came across a voicemail on onehelloworld‘s site that was about a woman considering getting an abortion. Being that optimistic person who likes to create, I decided to create a response to it, although I wasn’t sure if it would ever get made into a voicemail, given the site’s popularity. And to be completely honest, I hoped that it wouldn’t. I merely wanted to pass along a message to the original person.

Well, not only did it make the cut, but it is now part of the individuals’ first CD, The Listener.

When I ran across this yesterday, I listened to it again and marveled at the individual in the voicemail.

Who was that person?

Not that I would ever advise someone to get an abortion, but I’ve realized my stance on this has changed.

Don’t get me wrong– I really did mean everything I said. But I’ve recently found that that optimism can only be held onto for so long before the question marks overwhelm and swallow you whole.

At the end of the day, you realize that you’re still missing a fundamental part of yourself. You need those answers, as they’re the passageway to feeling okay.

When they don’t come, or when they come in an undesired form, your hope for being okay begins to fade.

In that regard, the question marks simply become too much.


One thought on ““Adoption Gave Me a Chance at Life”

  1. That was a beautiful message you left that woman. I hope that sometime soon you can begin to feel that optimism again. Because, you were a beautiful baby girl given a chance to do amazing things in the world (I wonder if your voicemail helped another beautiful baby come into the world?) Rediscovering your hope and optimism will help you make even more of a positive difference in the world. It is amazing to me that, even feeling as you have been feeling lately, you are still such a positive person to be around. You are much loved!

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