Pediatrician: Dr. Cho

Pediatrician, Dr. Cho, 1986

While doing some (secret) research over the details surrounding my adoption, I learned that I was in an incubator for fourteen days and later hospitalized three times. Next to this information sat a picture of my pediatrician, Dr. Cho.

Although the baby in the picture is not me (the picture appears to have been clipped from a newspaper article), I found the image of this pediatrician to stay with me. Something about realizing that a pediatrician could have been the most stable person in your life during those first few months has a lasting effect. Even though there’s no way she would ever remember baby number K##-####, it’s somewhat comforting to know that I have a picture of someone who would have interacted with me during those formative months, even if said interaction was one as impersonal as sticking me with IVs and checking my breathing.

Pediatrician, Dr. Cho, 2010

As such, you can imagine¬† my excitement when I was reading the Holt-Bethany Adult Adoptee Tour blog from last year and came across the picture on the right. That’s Dr. Cho in 2010. As part of the tour, individuals were able to go and meet with her at the Holt Reception Center and learn more about her life and work.

After crosschecking (more times than necessary) the picture and name I have with the one on the blog, I finally let it sink in that that’s her. That’s my pediatrician.

She’s real.

She’s alive, reachable and, based upon her disposition in the picture, seems like a really nice person; one that I’d love to talk to (and one that I might be able to talk to in less than a year).


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