Post Adoption Services

Many years ago I heard a rumor that adoptees that had been adopted through Holt International could take a free trip to South Korea in order to learn about their culture, heritage, and birth family. I remember thinking “hmm…,” before putting in the earplugs and never thinking about it again (until now of course).

Given the recent events that forcefully altered my life plans, I decided to look into this rumor, starting with the adoption agency’s website. My eyes were instantly drawn to a page titled Post Adoption Services, which provided details about the different services offered to adoptees: search services, confidential intermediary services, and documentation services. In less than a minute I realized the potential here– potential to learn more about the adoption and to find my biological parents.

In addition, I was able to look into the ‘rumor’– formally called a Heritage Tour. After browsing through the website and informational emails, I learned that the only part of the rumor that wasn’t accurate was that it wasn’t free (which is entirely understandable). Other than that, the tour looks like an incredible opportunity. Here is the rough itinerary:

Rough itinerary

Pretty neat, right? During the next few weeks I plan on researching the tour(s) more and sending in the forms required to access copies of my original adoption documents, one of which will be able to tell me if my biological parents are “searchable” or not.

Here’s to hoping for the best!


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